Garrett The Brave

Garrett The Brave

Friday, April 17, 2015

Today marks a BIG day at our house! A huge reason to celebrate, which is exactly what we will be doing today! 🎉 1 year ago today our sweet Garrett came home for the very first time, at almost 19 months old! I will never forget the feeling I had as Jake and I drove away from Primary Children's that day, with just our little family in the car. We were both filled with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy. SO proud of our fighter boy Garrett. Garrett spent the first 19 months in complete ICU care, too sick and on too high of ventilator settings to be able to leave the hospital. He lived at 3 hospitals during that year and a half, one of them being across the country in Michigan. Those 19 months were the hardest and yet some of my happiest moments as well. In 1 year this boy has been able to stay home with no overnight hospital stays, he's rolling all over the family room, starting to scoot, and getting closer to sitting up all on his own. He is breathing on his own, and can be completely off of his vent when he is awake, and his labs have never looked better! He is a lover of all things Mickey Mouse and his laugh lights up the room! We feel incredibly grateful today for all of the doctors and nurses that helped get our boy HOME...and for our amazing friends and family, for your love, support and prayers in all of our behalf. And I feel so grateful to my Heavenly Father for every single day I get to spend with Garrett. It's a true gift. He's the happiest, and healthiest he's ever been...and that does a Mom heart a lot of good. 💛 Happy 1 year Anniversary of being home buddy! We love you so much! 💛

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